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The following page is a blank template with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search UHD function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains all required links, contact and emergency information.

UHD Police Department Forms

Citizens' Exchange of Accident Information

Compete the Citizens’ Exchange of Accident Information form to gather and document driver information when involved in a minor accident. Print the form for your records.

Parking Citation Appeal

To appeal parking citations, complete the Parking Citation Appeal form. Bring the completed form (along with theoriginalParking Citation) to Parking Services for processing.

Motorist Agreement

Complete the Motorist Agreement form to expedite the process of having a motorist assist completed. Fill-in the requested information, print the form and then sign it. Call the police; explain the nature of your motorist assist (sorry, flat tires are not included) and location of your vehicle. Explain that you have completed the form and will give it to the responding officer.


Request for Police/Security Service

To request police and/or security service at your university function, complete and submit the Request for Police/Security Service form.

Citizen Complaint Form

The department's image and reputation depend on the personal integrity and discipline of all departmental employees. To a large degree, the public image of the department is determined by a professional response to allegations of misconduct against its employees.

To begin the process of filing a complaint on an officer or employee of the department, please complete the Citizen Complaint Form and submit it to the University of Houston-Downtown Police Department. TEXAS STATE LAW (Government Code 614.022) requires that all complaints against police officers be in writing and signed by the person making the complaint. A citizen’s complaint, and its subsequent investigation, causes the department to examine the service we provide and to make necessary improvements in the delivery of our service.

Texas Public Information Act Request Form

Complete the Texas Public Information Act Request Form to make a request of the UHD Police Department regarding an incident report, accident report, information report or other information. Fill-in the requested information and then print the form; make sure to sign the form. To ensure that your request is a valid request under the Texas Public Information Act, please hand-deliver or mail the completed form to the UHD Police Department. See location and mailing address:

U.S. Mail:

Campus Police Department

University of Houston-Downtown

One Main Street, Suite N118

Houston, Texas 77002

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