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University Curriculum Committee



Reviews and recommends policies pertaining to the development and approval of new courses, degree programs and other curriculum changes.


The membership of the committee consists of all the department chairs, one faculty representative from each degree-granting college chosen through Faculty Senate procedures, and two student representatives chosen through Student Government Association procedures.


PS 01.A.03

Final Report Documents

Final Report


Name Role Representation Voting Term Ends
Garcia, Viola Member Department Chair, Urban Education yes Ex-officio
Cueva, Edmund Member Department Chair, Arts & Humanities yes Ex-officio
Paskelian, Ohaness Member Faculty Member, Business yes Summer/Fall 2013
Strange, Heather Member Student yes Summer/Fall 2013
Dahlberg, Sandra Member Department Chair, English yes Ex-officio
Robertson, Vida Member Faculty Member, Humanities & Social Sciences yes Summer/Fall 2014
Manrique, Justo Chair Department Chair, FACIS yes Ex-officio
Mitchell, Laura Member Faculty Member, Public Service yes Summer/Fall 2013
Xie, Sam Member Department Chair, Computer & Mathematical Sciences yes Ex-officio
Jackson, Jeffery Member Department Chair, Social Sciences yes Ex-officio
Stading, Gary Member Asst VPAA & Dean of Undergraduate Studies no Ex-officio
Oberhoff, Ken Member Department Chair, Engineering Technology yes Ex-officio
Belbot, Barbara Member Department Chair, Criminal Justice yes Ex-officio
Pointer, Lucille Member Department Chair, MMBA yes Ex-officio
Carter, Latrina Member Student yes Summer/Fall 2013
Morano, Lisa Member Department Chair, Natural Sciences yes Ex-officio
Hodgess, Erin Member Faculty Member, Sciences & Technology yes Summer/Fall 2014
Kaser, Karen Member Program Director, BAAS Degree and Rep. for University College yes Ex-officio


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