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ATS: Application Development Request

You may now use the following online form to submit application development request forms to the ATS user group. The items marked with ** asterisks are required in order to complete the form online.

** Submitted by: (your name)
** Email address:

** Date of Request:

** Project Name:

** Project Description: General Description and General Functional Requirements
Please include recommended priorities (indicate what is the most critical), and any relationship to other projects.

Supporting documentation: Please provide as much information as possible including screenshots / prototypes that may be helpful in conceptualizing the project.

Supporting documentation may be sent to
Please indicate the project name when submitting the request.


** Proposed Due date: Please indicate project priority

** Please indicate justification for the proposed due date.


** Project Type:

New Development Project
Modification to Existing Program or Report
Research (determining options for meeting needs)
Other, please specify


** Primary Sponsor: 

** Phone: 


** Email:

** Primary Sponsor






Co-Sponsor Dept/Area:



** Reason: (select all that apply):

Federal Mandate State Mandate UHS / UHD policy     Other

Please indicate relevant policy statements

Identify other units that may / will be impacted


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Last updated or reviewed on 1/31/14

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