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UHD Mediasite Resources for Students


UHD Mediasite
UHD Mediasite is a lecture capture and delivery tool which some Instructors use to deliver videos and rich media content to their students via Blackboard Learn and other online methods.
Mediasite Viewer Technical Requirements Check

Please visit the following website to ensure that your computer or mobile device meets the requirements to view Mediasite Presentations.

Mobile Devices
The UHD Mediasite Server supports the use of some of the most popular mobile devices currently being used.  The Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Android devices, and Blackberry devices can all be used, if they meet the following requirements and have a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection (3G or higher).
    1. iPad requirements
      • iPad, iPad2, or iPad3
      • iOS 4.3 or later Apple Mobile Safari
    2. iPhone/iPod requirements
      • iPhone 4.0 or later, iPod Touch 4th generation or later
      • iOS 4.3 or later
      • Apple Mobile Safari
      • Mediasite iPhone/iPod app (free download available from the Apple app store)
    3. Android requirements (on-demand playback only, Mediasite 6.0.2 or later)
      • Androidâ„¢ 4.0 or later
      • Android browser
    4. Blackberry requirements(on-demand playback only)
      • Blackberry devices running Blackberry OS 7.0 or later
      • Playbooks devices running QNX
      • Blackberry browser
Mediasite Mobile App

The Mediasite Mobile App is available via the iTunes App Store at the following link:

When a user clicks on a link to a Mediasite presentation from an email or from a Mediasite catalog, the app will intercept this request and open the presentation instead of using Mobile Safari. If a user does not have the app installed, it will direct them to the App Store page on their mobile device.

Whenever you play a presentation on the iPhone or iPod Touch, our player detects this and redirects to a custom scheme. When this happens, our app is needed to handle it. Therefore, the app is launched for playback.

The app also contains a list of recently viewed presentations as well as a link to Sonic Foundry's homepage

Mediasite Documentation for Students
Mediasite Server Recommendations and Known Issues pdf
Mediasite Recommendations and Known Issues




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