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Check out our new e-Portfolio application called TaskStream.

With TaskStream faculty, staff and students can create an online repository called an e-Portfolio. Use TaskStream to organize your folios and web pages.



Interested in learning online? See what’s available through our new SkillPort e-learning application. SkillSoft’s innovative SkillPort e-learning platform enables deployment of Web-based learning resources to your PC, MAC or mobile device.


HB2504 - E-Syllabus and E-Curriculum Vitae

Uploading your e-Syllabus and e-Curriculum Vitae is easy! We facilitate sessions on how to upload your syllabus information to the web to help faculty members adhere to the recently passed House Bill 2504. The HB2504 webpage has video and print instructions.



Access:  Fun with Forms
Access forms provide a quick and easy way to modify and insert records into your database. They offer an intuitive, graphical environment easily navigated by anyone familiar with standard computer techniques.   Additional functionality surrounding creating a switchboard and limiting visibility of sensitive tables will be explored.


Access – Creating Dynamic Reports
Reports often represent the final product of a database.  Practice will include using the report wizard, “quick” report and report design.  Establishing report properties and examining various data sources for your reports will be explored.


Access: Working with Tables

Learn how to effectively design tables to create powerful databases.  Covered in the session will be the basics of designing, creating, and modifying Access tables.  Best practices surrounding field properties and formatting will be discussed.


Access:  Working with Queries
Explore the power of queries in Access.  Learn how to effectively “ask for specific data” from one or more tables to satisfy specific information needs.  Practice will include using the query wizard and query design features.  Creating relationships through linking tables will also be covered.  


Adobe Acrobat Professional: Creating Forms

Sick of Word forms? Don't know a thing about HTML forms? Using Adobe Acrobat, you can create and send forms to recipients who can fill out and submit information.


Audio and Video Streaming for your Class

Optimize your students' learning experience by learning the basics of Audio and Video Streaming for your course. Learn how to create video (or just audio) and post them on the web.


Banner 7 Basics

Taught by the Banner experts in each department. If you require Banner training then please contact Lupe Gongora for more information.


Blackboard Vista: Getting Started (Offered Online & Face-to-Face)

This course must be completed by all Vista users. It can be completed online. Participants will become familiar with the Vista interface while learning about new features in Vista and the available Vista tools.


Blackboard Vista: Assessments

This course will cover the Vista Assessment tool. Participants will learn how to create assessments in Vista, including quizzes/exams, self-tests, and surveys. Specific topics include the questions database, adding questions, and assigning and managing grades.


Blackboard Vista: Assignments

This course covers the Vista Assignments tool. Participants will learn how to create, review, and grade assignments as submitted by students online.


Blackboard Vista: Communication Tools

Chat, whiteboard and discussion board. Explore several uses for the interactive chat/whiteboard tool, including course conversation, group conversation, virtual office hours, slide shows, and demonstrations. We will also cover the different types of discussion boards you can create and their uses.


Blackboard Vista: Creating Learning Modules

This course is an introduction to Learning Modules, which are used to structure learning content in a Vista course. In this session, you will learn how to upload files using the File Manager along with creating and customizing learning modules.


Blackboard Vista: Grade Book Setup

Would you like to make grades available to students online? The Blackboard Vista Grade Book is a great way to give your students up-to-date information on how well they’re doing in your course, but it can also be integrated with Microsoft Excel to provide a powerful grade book solution.


Blackboard Vista: Grade Book Averaging

After setting up your gradebook, come to this session to learn how to average grades using the Vista Grade Book tool.


Blackboard Vista: Group Manager and Roster

Create and manage groups and sign-up sheets. Assign specific groups to discussion boards, chat rooms, and assignments. We will also explore the uses of Roster and upload a profile picture.


Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser prevents students from printing or copying assessments. In this session, you will learn how to convert or create exams with Respondus LockDown Browser, and see what students need to download in order to operate Respondus LockDown Browser.


Blackboard Vista: Mail, Calendar, & Who’s Online

Discover the effective use and management of Blackboard’s Mail and Calendar tools. We will also discuss the various uses of Blackboard’s Who’s Online tool.


Blackboard Vista: Managing Course Content

File manager, action links, selective release and creating folders. This session is designed for faculty members who want to learn how to optimize the organizational tools offered by Vista. In this class we will review uploading files using the File Manager, as well as learn how to optimize the use of action links, selective release, and folders.


Blackboard: Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Course

Imbue your Blackboard course with the power of Photoshop! The combined power of Blackboard Vista and Photoshop will help you change the look and feel of your online course materials, adding pizzazz and capturing your students’ attention. In this class you will learn how to change the appearance of your course by creating a custom background, a custom header, and custom course icons using Photoshop.

Blackboard Vista: Respondus Open Lab NEW!

Stop in for help using any of the Respondus products:

Studymate: Learn to create Studymate modules for web use (flash cards, crosswords, Jeopardy-like knowledge games, self-tests, etc.)

Respondus Quiz Builder: For individuals already familiar with Vista Quizzes and quiz settings. Topics address using Respondus to create in Vista including starting and opening a file, adding questions and publishing a quiz to Blackboard Vista. Bring exam files or Test Banks.

Respondus LockDown Browser: Respondus LockDown Browser prevents students from printing or copying assessments. In this session, you will learn how to convert or create exams with Respondus.


Blogging Introduction

The weblog (blog) is increasingly being recognized as an effective means of personal as well as commercial information dissemination. Explore the world of blogs and learn how to get started with your own online journal.


Camtasia - Get Started Quick

Camtasia - Get Started Quick is a streamlined approach to using Camtasia in your classes. Camtasia is the complete professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high-quality screen video on the Web, CD-ROM and portable media players, including iPods. This course is intended to give you an excellent introduction to using Camtasia functionality with your courses.


Computers: Learn How to Customize Your Laptop for use at UHD

Bring your personal laptop to this workshop and learn to use UHD’s wireless network. In addition, we will cover the following topics:

  • Using e-Services
  • McAfee Antivirus software
  • Spyware removal
  • VPN and Remote Desktop Connection
  • Updating your Operating System


  • Fully charged Windows XP laptop
  • Laptop power supply
  • 802.11B/G wireless card



Required: Clearance through the Information Technology Project Office, ext. 8111, IT contact for the UHD Web site development project.

Who Should Attend: Individuals responsible for maintaining UHD Web pages.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Overview of Contribute and the UHD Web system
  • Using Contribute
  • Editing Web pages
  • Identifying the Web pages you are responsible for maintaining
  • Publishing changes to Web pages
  • Adding and deleting files and folders
  • Reviewing the Content Manager process

Taught on an individual basis.To schedule an appointment, please contact us at 713-221-8200.


Dreamweaver Basics

Interested in learning more about using a visual-based web site development tool? In this session, you will create a page using tables, use UHD templates, create list formats, insert images, tables, and links.


DVD Burning for Pictures and Movies

Learn how to create DVDs with your movies and digital pictures in formats so that you can enjoy them on your home TV through your standard dvd player! You can be way cool, too.


Excel: What's New in Excel 2007?

Explore the new features and functionality in Excel 2007.  Learn where familiar options from Excel 2003 can now be found in 2007. Practice will include working with the new tabs, ribbons and groups.


Excel: Basics

Learn the basics of Office Excel 2007 interface. In this session you will insert values and labels, select ranges, and make simple calculations.


Excel: Importing and Manipulating Data

Learn how to import a text file into Excel, format Excel columns, use common functions, and create simple formulas.


Excel: Pivot Tables

A pivot table can make a huge amount of information in a spreadsheet much more manageable. This course covers how to make pivot tables using Excel 2007.


Excel: Charts & Graphs

For those interested in learning how to create and use Office Excel 2007 graphs.


Excel: Using Templates

Make the most of Microsoft Office Excel 2007; use templates to create professional, clean documents.


Google Page Creator

Google Page Creator is a free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes. Come to the TTLC to learn how to make your own simple, stylish website for personal and even academic use.


HTML Introduction

Aren't those java web editors pesky? Having this HTML knowledge can help when you need to go in and figure out what the HTML editor is doing to your page and know just what to do to fix it. Learn headings, paragraphs, emphasis, images, links, lists, and tables.


Internet Safety Issues

This is an introduction to some of the software that is available to help monitor Internet usage in your home.


Multimedia Cart

Multimedia carts contain computers and projectors, and you can request them to be delivered to your classroom. Attend this class and master the art of requesting and using the multimedia cart.


Multimedia Equipment in the Shea Street Building

Learn how to use the multimedia equipment in the new Shea Street building, such as projectors, smart boards, and powerpoint remote controls.


Multimedia Equipment in the Academic and Commerce Buildings

Learn how to use the multimedia equipment in the Academic and Commerce buildings, such as projectors, smart boards, and powerpoint remote controls.


MathType is a powerful equation editor that will revolutionize the way you create print and web-based documents that contain mathematical expressions. In this session, you will learn the basics of the MathType program from a real math professor who makes use of the program on a regular basis.


Outlook Web Access

Employees at home and on the road often find accessing UHD email over the Web convenient. This session addresses not only the basics of logging into the mail system via the Web, but covers the features in the Web interface that are different than those found in Outlook in the office.


Photoshop Open Lab NEW!

Need help with a Photoshop project? This lab will be open to anyone, where trainers will be available to help with any of your Photoshop needs or questions. Feel free to bring your own pictures or other materials!


Photoshop: Photo Retouching

Make photography look better by removing blemishes and red-eye, adjusting coloring, changing backgrounds, and intensifying clarity.


Photoshop: Design Names and Titles

Turn words into artwork; such as business names, webpage titles, paragraph headings, etc.


Photoshop: Graphic Editing

Create graphics for web and print. Design an icon, craft a flyer, create graphics to jazz up a website, etc.


Photoshop: Filters, Brushes, and Patterns

Photoshop continues to offer creative solutions! Attend this session to learn how to turn your photographs into multiple media formats, how to paint creative shapes, and how to create patterns for your webpage backgrounds.


Photoshop and Blackboard: Using Photoshop to Enhance Your Course

Imbue your Blackboard course with the power of Photoshop! The combined power of Blackboard Vista and Photoshop will help you change the look and feel of your online course materials, adding pizzazz and capturing your students’ attention. In this class you will learn how to change the appearance of your course by creating a custom background, a custom header, and custom course icons using Photoshop.



Photostory 3 is a free, downloadable Microsoft application that allows you to create a movie showing off your photos tastefully and musically-enhanced!


Podcasting for Your Class

Podcast your class! A podcast is a media file that is available by subscription over the Internet for playback on computers and mobile devices. Learn the basics and get your class on the web.


PowerPoint: What’s New in PowerPoint 2007?
Explore the new features and functionality in PowerPoint 2007.  Learn where familiar options from PowerPoint 2003 can now be found in 2007. Practice will include working with the new tabs, ribbons and groups.  Time saving formatting features will be covered.


Powerpoint: Basics

An introductory course in designing and developing PowerPoint 2007 presentations.


Powerpoint: Using Multimedia

Explore the use of images, sound, and video in your PowerPoint presentations (taught in whichever version of Microsoft you use).


Powerpoint: Advanced Topics

Individuals interested in learning about advanced features of PowerPoint such as adding transitions, sounds, animations, and converting PowerPoint slide shows to HTML format. This course is designed for participants who have some familiarity and experience with Microsoft PowerPoint. Participants will focus on creating a custom design template and applying it to an existing presentation, inserting and editing objects (pictures), internal and external hyperlinks, animation schemes, and slide transitions. The class concludes with a discussion on how to publish PowerPoint presentations to the Web.


PowerPoint & Camtasia

Learn how to integrate the uses of PowerPoint and Camtasia for your students’ ultimate learning experience.


Presentation Technologies

In this session you will be provided with an overview of the learning and presentation technology options that are available for faculty and students to use in the classroom.


Respondus Quiz Builder

This course is best suited for individuals already familiar with Vista Quizzes and quiz settings. Topics address using Respondus to create and schedule exams in Vista including starting and opening a file, saving and closing a file, adding/editing a multiple choice question, adding an image, adding an audio file, adding/editing a question set, quiz availability settings, quiz security settings, quiz submission settings, and publishing a quiz to Blackboard Vista.


Scanning Basics

Learn how to scan images and documents. Scan pages from books and articles into MS Word.


Securing Your PC

Computer and network security have become a very real concern in today's world. Protecting your machine, your files, your confidential network, and contributing to the overall safety of the network you use is a responsibility each of us has. This session will cover the essentials of computer and network security, virus, prevention, detection, and cleaning, minimizing spam email, and overall protection of your electronic information.


Setting Up a Wireless Network at Home

Wireless home networks have rapidly moved from being the exotic toys of the geeks to the norm in most computer using households. This session will help you select proper equipment and go through the installation process to establish a reliable, secure, and dependable wireless network for your home.



Skillport offers UHD the best of online learning. Aside from being top-quality learning material in a wide variety of topics, Skillport also provides several learning styles!

For more details, please visit UHD's Skillport webpage.


Smart Panel (Sympodium)

Training on how to use the Smart Panel in a classroom setting.


SoftChalk: Lesson Builder NEW!

Create interactive web pages for your Blackboard course with SoftChalk LessonBuilder. It's easy and quick to create professional looking pages. You do not need to know HTML code. Bring Lecture Notes or any other material you would like to put into HTML format for use in Blackboard.



Instructors will learn how to create a FEW of the ten interesting activities and games using simple templates, existing MS Word files, or publisher test banks all without knowing how to program HTML or Flash! These activities are usable with any web server or can be published directly to Blackboard Vista.


Survey Monkey

Online surveys can easily be created using free tools on the Internet. Learn how to create them and gather data from them in this session.




TaskStream provides e-Portfolios, which are online repositories for students' class work.E-Portfolios offer faculty and students the ability to share knowledge and monitor student performance over time. The e-Portfolios archive work, demonstrating students' learning development and professional achievement.

For more details, visit UHD's TaskStream webpage.


Tech Purchases: Camcorder or LCD/Plasma TV

This session will help you understand all the modern options and choices among camcorders and television sets so that you can make the best possible decision. This class will also familiarize you with special offers available to UHD faculty and staff.


Tech Purchases: Computer

The holidays are a great time for getting or giving a personal computer. Although PCs continue to come down in price and go up in features, the decision on buying a new computer is not an easy one.

This session will help you understand what all the options and choices are so that you can make the best possible decision for your new system and familiarize you with special offers available to UHD faculty and staff.


Tech Purchases: Digital Camera

This session will help you understand all the modern options and choices among digital cameras so that you can make the best possible decision. This class will also familiarize you with special offers available to UHD faculty and staff.


Transitioning to Office 2007

In order to make the transition to Office 2007 as smooth as possible, we provide introductory workshops and documentation on the new features of Office 2007, a comparison of Office 2007 versus Office 2003 features, as well as access to online resources about Office 2007.


TurningPoint Clickers
Enhance your presentations and increase class interactivity and participation by using Turning Point Clickers as a new question/response polling strategy. Learn how to create Turning Point PowerPoint question slides to which your students/participants can respond by using their hand-held clickers. In this workshop, we will create a participant list, author question slides, and simulate a question/response polling session. Question types include graded questions; opinion, attitude, and trait questions; and single image questions. A Turning Point Clicker response system is available for checkout from the TTLC to those who have completed this training session.



Concerned about plagiarism in your courses? The University of Houston Downtown has recently purchased a license for Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism web-based tool which is available to faculty and students. This session will give you hands-on experience in submitting papers as an instructor to determine percentages of possible plagiarism. The tool can also be used by students to check their own paper before submitting.


Video Editing: Lights, Camera, Action

How many steps does it take to get a video to the web or on a DVD disc? Bring along your video camera to this session and we will show you how to shoot, digitize, edit, and burn or publish your videos!


Visio – Flow Charts
With Visio flowcharts you can see entire business processes at a glance. You can clarify what works and what doesn’t in your team’s task and information flow, analyze problems, and identify areas for improvement. You can also document your solutions to those problems, explaining the steps in your processes in as much or little detail as you need.


Visio: Organizational Charts

Use Visio to create professional looking organizational charts.  Learn how to use Visio’s extensive collection of organization chart features, including a variety of different shapes, connectors, layout options, and design options.  You can create, save, and print an organization chart directly in Visio, or you can copy an organization chart from Visio into your presentation, document, worksheet, publication, or other Office document.


Wikipedia & Wikis

An introduction to the concept of wikis, showcasing Wikipedia as an example of a mega-Wiki, including how to navigate, edit, etc.


Wireless Devices - No Strings Attached

A look at portable computing devices and wireless networking. The choice of portable computing devices in today’s world can be overwhelming. A vast assortment of laptops, pda’s, Web enabled cell phones, and two-way pagers offer attractive, but confusing functionality. This program helps sort out the differences in all the devices and the accompanying wireless networking systems that promise instant communications and data access for today’s technology consumer.


Word: Polishing Up Your Documents

Have the content, but need the flair? In this session you will learn how to make your word documents look clean, professional, and creative.


Word: Creating Flyers

Learn how to create a simple yet beautiful flyer in Microsoft Word. They are easy to print and Microsoft offers a huge database of images and templates.


Word: Form Letters

This course focuses on the use of the Mail Merge Wizard in Microsoft Word to create a basic form letter. Participants will gain an understanding of how to merge an Excel data source and a main document to create form letters that can be printed, saved, or individually customized.


Word: Inserting Graphic Elements

The session will help you learn to let text and images live on the same page. This includes wrapping text around images, aligning, and rotating objects. You’ll work with ClipArt, WordArt, and other images.


Word: Inserting Linked and Embedded Objects

When you want to create a report that does more than just present static data-for example if you want to include text from another word processing file or up-to-date data that resides in a spreadsheet-you can insert linked or embedded objects that were created in one application and then linked or embedded in another application.

This tutorial demonstrates how to insert material created in one program into another program using Microsoft’s OLE (Object Linking and Embedding) architecture, which allows the sharing of information between different types of files.


Xpressions Unified Messaging System

Learn how to use the new voicemail system! This course introduces users to commonly used features of the Xpressions 4.0 voice mail system. Topics include the basic features, voice mailbox configuration, and using Microsoft Outlook to retrieve voice mail messages.




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