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Receiving Reports


A receiving report should be used to initiate a vendor payment. The report should be completed when goods/services are received.

See the Voucher Processing web page for details.

Documentation required for submission

PO Receiving Report that confirms that merchandise ordered has been received as a partial shipment or in full, meets requirements and includes signature of the departments receiving party/merchandise inspector or from Central Receiving, with received dates and quantities received as approval for payments including the vendor's invoice.


Signature Requirements

Certifying Signatory


Where and how is it submitted

All approved (certifying signatures) vouchers must be forwarded to Accounts Payable (A/P).

Please note that the Receiving Reporting is the time-sensitive documentation that drives whether or not late payment interest will be generated with the payment. It is imperative that the Receiving Report be approved and forwarded, without delay, to the Purchasing Department.



Last updated or reviewed on 7/26/11

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