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A/P Direct Deposit - UHS Employees

Beginning September 1, 2011, all reimbursements and other payments to UH System employees through Accounts Payable are required to be by direct deposit.

Employees can self-enroll for Accounts Payable (AP) direct deposit in P.A.S.S.

Vendor Hold Status Verification

Vendor Hold Status Verification is required before placing an order with a vendor. It is the responsibility of the staff/department to verify the vendors' status. See Vendor section for more information.


A voucher should be used to initiate a vendor payment or reimbursement.

Purpose and Benefit Statement

A specific purpose and benefit statement defining the purpose of the expense and the benefit to the university must be included in the comments section of the voucher.

Voucher Documentation

The original document such as an invoice, subscription renewal card, or similar supporting document is required to be scanned as an attachment to the voucher.

Signature Requirements

Certifying Signatory

Where and how is it submitted

The original vouchers must be submitted to Accounts Payable via Workflow after electronic certified approval

How to delete a voucher that has been approved by AP and posted in PeopleSoft but has not been paid?

Contact Accounts Payable Supervisor at Ext. 8624

How to delete a voucher before it has been posted in PeopleSoft?

Contact Accounts Payable Supervisor at Ext. 8624

Step 1: Go to the Voucher Delete screen. (Accounts Payable-Vouchers-Maintenance-Voucher Delete)

Step 2: In the Voucher Delete screen, enter the applicable voucher number and click Search

Step 3: In the Delete Voucher screen, click Delete

Step 4: When prompted, click OK

Step 5: If the voucher has been already budget checked, the system will indicate that
the budget needs to be checked again. click OK

Vouchers can also be recycled back to the originator to make changes.

Last updated or reviewed on 7/26/11

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