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Explanation of UHD Chartfield Values


PeopleSoft Chartfields are composed of the following values:

Business Unit - Fund Code - Department ID - Program Code - Project/Grant - Account - Budget Reference

This combination of chartfields constitutes a cost center. These values define whose money it is, what type of money it is, and what type of activity it is being spent to support.

Business Unit

Each UH System component is defined as a business unit (Ex. 00784=University of Houston Downtown)
00730 - University of Houston
00759 - UH Clear Lake
00784 - UH Downtown
00765 - UH Victoria
00783 - UH System Administration
00797 - UH System Consolidated

Fund Codes

Are coded by the type of money they represent.

1xxx = State

5xxx - Grants

2xxx = Designated

6xxx - Endowments and loans

3xxx = Auxiliary

7xxx - Plant

4xxx = Restricted

9xxx - Agency


Each UHD department is assigned a unique department code. The leading character is for the campus. The four numbers following are assigned sequentially.

Hxxxx - University of Houston
Cxxxx - University of Houston - Clear Lake
Dxxxx—University of Houston - Downtown
Vxxxx - University of Houston - Victoria
Sxxxx - University of Houston System

Program Code

Five digits are assigned to identify a non-project cost center. The five digits tell the purpose of the cost center by expenditure function. The expenditure function is related to NACUBO reporting.


Axxxx = Instructional Programs
Bxxxx = Research Programs
Cxxxx = Public Service
Dxxxx = Academic Support
Exxxx = Student services
Fxxxx = Institutional Support
Gxxxx = Plant
Hxxxx = Scholarship
Ixxxx = Auxiliary

Project ID

Project cost centers use a common program. The uniqueness of the cost center is provided by the project id. Can be used for grants, capital and other projects. Project id is a seven-digit code. Use NA (not applicable) in the Project Code description if no other project code is used.

GXXXXXX = Grant or sponsored project
PXXXXXX = Capital or building project
AXXXXXX = Administrative project
IXXXXXX = Internal Award project


Account Definitions

Balance Sheet Items Income Statement Items

1XXXX = Asset

4XXXX = Revenue

2XXXX = Liability

5XXXX = Expense

3XXXX = Fund Equity

Account describes the nature of the transactions. Account uses a five-digit code. The first digit of the code describes the type of transaction.

Budget Reference

  1. Budget Reference is the period of time for which expenditures are planned and authorized.
  2. UHS has designed six digit budget period coding. Ex: BPxxxx
  3. UHS Budget Reference is equivalent to the Fiscal Year.

Budget Types

  1. Revenue (REVEST) Budgets—Represent authority to generate and collect revenue.
  2. Organization (ORG) Budgets—Represent expenditure budget for non-project/grant cost centers.
  3. Project/Grant (PROJ_GRT) Budgets—Expenditure budget for project/grant cost centers.


SpeedType Definition

A SpeedType allows the user to enter "shorthand" keys to trigger a system expansion into the associated cost center values. Each speedtype corresponds to only one cost center.

Last updated or reviewed on 7/26/11

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