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Purchase Requisition


When to use a requisition:

The use of a requisition is required for purchases that exceed $4999.99. These types of purchases include goods and some services (like rentals, leases and maintenance agreements). Purchases that must go through Purchasing but are usually less than $ 5000, like animals, chemicals and radioactive materials, must include the appropriate approvals for purchase.

Timelines for a PO

Generally, purchases through the Purchasing Department adhere to the following timelines and requirements:

Requisition Amount

Purchasing Process

Time Frame

$ 5,000 to $ 15,000

Minimum of 3 informal bids

Less than 5 business days

$ 15,001 to $ 25,000

Minimum of 3 formal bids

Approximately 14 business days

$ 25,001 and up

Formal bids and posting to the Electronic State Business daily

Approximately 21 business days


Purchasing items in a Rush

In the event that a rush purchase is required, contact the Purchasing Department at X8607 or X8561 and speak to a buyer who can assist in the processing. Regardless of the rush nature, the aforementioned Purchasing Process should be followed to assure compliance with regulations, etc.

Signature requirements

All requisitions must be signed by the end user, the Certifying Signature person and appropriate VP or designee. In the case of the use of Federal funding, the Office of Contracts and Grants must approve and sign the request prior to being forwarded to Purchasing.

For purchase requests greater than $ 100,000, the Addendum C process is required

All requisitions up to $249,999.99 must be signed by the Vice President for Administration and Finance. All requisitions for $250,000.00 or above must be signed by the President. All requisitions $500,000.00 or above must be signed by the Chancellor or the Chancellor’s Designee.

How do I cross reference a requisition to a PO?

Click on Purchasing > Requisition > Review Requisition Information > Requisitions
Enter the Requisition ID number and click OK
Click Status
Under the On PO column, if it is blank that means a purchase order has not been done. If there is a "Y" in this column, a PO has been processed. If you click on the "Y", the page will appear showing you the purchase order number. The purchase order number appears under the PO ID column.

Last updated or reviewed on 5/15/12

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