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Budget Journals & Regular Journals


What’s the difference between regular Journal Entries and Budget Journal Entries?

(Budget Journals are prepared only by the Budget Office)

Journal entries are used to:

  1. Reallocate expenses and correct transactions
  2. Book deposits to the UHD bank (credit card or cash)
  3. Move cash back and forth between cost centers

Budgeting is a spending plan and budget journals are used to:

  1. Budget revenue and expenses
  2. Budget fund equity (cash)
  3. Transfer the ability to spend from one category to another (Ex: M&O to Capital or M&O to Salary and Wages) within the same cost center or transferring from one cost center to another cost center

Budget Journal Documentation Required:

  1. Transfer spending authority between budget nodes—1074 Report or 1063 Report
  2. Budget fund equity - 1060, 1016, or 1074 report to illustrate available fund equity
  3. Budget lapse salary—BOB report or Lapse Salary Report

Last updated or reviewed on 7/26/11

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