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Standard Contract Addendum


The Standard Contract Addendum can be used immediately as follows:



  1. Confirm that the particular non-standard/vendor agreement qualifies for use with the Addendum.


  1. Confirm the other contracting party agrees to sign the Addendum.


  1. Complete the Contract Cover Sheet and select "Non-Standard and Standard Contract Addendum" in the "Contract" section at the bottom of page one.


  1. Obtain all required signatures on the Contract Cover Sheet.


  1. Forward the Contract Cover Sheet, along with both the third-party agreement and the Standard Contract Addendum to the Contract Administration Office.


Contract Administration Office


  1. Verify the particular agreement qualifies for use with the Addendum.


  1. Note and sign on the Contract Cover Sheet (bottom of first page) whether the Standard Contract Addendum can or cannot be used.


  1. Notify the department contact via e-mail whether the Standard Contract Addendum can or cannot be used.

If the Addendum can be used, the department will handle the full execution of the non-standard/vendor contract and the Standard Contract Addendum.

If the Addendum cannot be used, the Contract Administration Office will oversee the review/approveal of the non-standard contract with OGC and facilitate full execution of the contract.


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In General

The Standard Contract Addendum is designed to allow non-standard contracts with total values of less than $25,000 to be processed without requiring review by the Office of General Counsel. Use of the Addendum is subject to the following requirements:

  • UHD/UHS and the other contracting party must sign both the non-standard contract and the Addendum


  • The department must ensure that these documents are signed by a representative with appropriate signature authority


  • The department must:


    1. Retain a copy of the agreement, Addendum, Contract Cover Sheet and any other documents/information required by UHD/UHS policies (e.g., bid/award documentation/memo demonstrating “best value”)


    1. Forward an original signature fully executed contract package to the Contract Administration Office. We will maintain a file of all supporting documents forwarded with the executed contract.

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The Addendum Can Be Used For

  • Contracts for services
  • Non-standard contracts with total values of less than $25,000

The Addendum Cannot Be Used For

  • Goods, materials and supplies normally procured by the Purchasing Department


  • Contract amendments/extensions that increase the total contract value to $25,000 or more


  • Agreements for “Consulting Services” (defined by state law as “the service of studying and/or advising a state agency under a contract that does not involve the traditional relationship of employer-employee")


  •  Revenue agreements


  • Contracts requiring Board of Regents approval and/or signature by the UHS President/Chancellor


  • Contracts pertaining to sponsored projects, programs, activities for research and/or intellectual property which are funded by grants or other external funding sources


  • Non-standard Memoranda of Understanding, Letters of Intent, affiliation agreements, Interlocal agreements and Interagency agreements


  • Leases, easements and other real estate matters


  • Non-standard contracts with a clause that indicates the vendor’s contract will supersede any Addendum


  • Agreements otherwise not eligible for use with the Addendum pursuant to the UHD/UHS policies 

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Use of the Addendum is Optional 

Use of the Standard Contract Addendum is optional.  If UHD/UHS or the other contracting party prefer not to sign the Addendum or if the agreement does not qualify for use with the Addendum, the agreement must be processed through the Office of General Counsel and will be subject to general Contract Administration review policies and timeframes.         

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Insurance Requirements

In general, UH/UHS should require contractors to maintain insurance coverage proportionate with the risks involved in the particular contract, such as those set forth in Section 9 of the Standard Contract Addendum (“Requirements”). Since the Requirements may not be necessary for some  agreements, Section 9 of the Addendum provides a method for the UHD signing party to waive the Requirements by initialing the document where indicated.


  1. Insurance. University is insured for general liability insurance under a self-insurance program covering its liability.  Such self-insurance supersedes any insurance obligations imposed on University in the Agreement. 

    Unless University’s signing party agrees to waive the requirements by initialing here ->_______________, then Contracting Party shall comply with the following insurance requirements:...


Please note, however, the signing party is responsible for determining whether such waiver is appropriate for any particular agreement. It is strongly recommended that the departmental contact or person responsible for insuring the terms of the contract:

  1. Consult with the office of Risk Management and Compliance (Mary Cook at 713-222-5340) before waiving the Requirements, and


  1. Ensures the UHD signatory waives the Requirements by initialing the document where indicated. 

If the Requirement is not waived, the contractor must provide a certificate of iInsurance prior to the initiation of any work on the executed contract. 

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Audit and Contract Reporting

Agreements executed with the Addendum are subject to applicable UHD/UHS/State of Texas audit practices.  UHD/UHS is required to provide written notice to state agencies and/or the UHS Board of Regents for certain agreements. These reporting requirements are not modified by the Addendum. Accordingly, an original signature fully executed contract package must be forwarded to the Contract Administration Office. 

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Contact Information

Please contact our office with any questions or comments about the Addendum or other contract matters. 

Office of Contract Administration

University of Houston-Downtown   

One Main Street

Houston, TX 77002-1001

Phone:  713-222-7928

Fax:  713-226-5546 



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