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Quick Reference Defining Contracts

Documents Used in the Contracting Process

Requisition and Contract Related Forms

General Use Contracts

Special Use Contracts

Supplemental Agreements

Supporting Contract Clauses

Release and Indemnification Agreements

Requisition and Contract Related Forms

Document Description

Purchase Requisition 


(Complete a Service Center Requisition and forward to the UH Print Shop via inter-office mail. Allow a minimum of two days for the mail time.)

Initiates the procurement process, documents the approval of expenditure by the appropriate authority. Required for all:

      • Higher Education Assistance Funds (HEAF) transactions,
      • Software purchases,
      • State contract items,
      • Purchases in excess of $5,000 for Facilities Management and Information Technology, and
      • Purchases in excess of $2,500 for all other departments.

Optional for all other expenditures

Contract Cover Sheet 


Summary sheet required for each contract. This document is for internal UHD use only and should not be forwarded to the vendor.

Proprietary/Sole Source Justification


Documents the reason(s) for selecting a specific vendor without going through the required competitive bidding process.

Information Sheet for Purchase Requisition Exceeding $100,000:

(Note: Contact Purchasing Manager, Cory Odstrcil (713-221-8607) for form )

Documents and provides appropriate signature authority for purchases over $100,000.

Justification for Emergency Acquisition:


Documents the financial or operating damages to the University if standard procedures were followed to acquire goods or services needed to address an emergency.

Justification for Untimely Contract Submittal

(Note: This is a PDF form)  

Documents the reason(s) a contract was not submitted for review and approval a minimum of 5 days prior to the initiation of the contract.

[Note: To get Adobe for PDF forms, link to]

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General Use Contracts (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel) 

General agreement designed to create consitency in terms and conditions and simplify the choice of which agreement should be used.

Replaces Purchasing Agreement for Goods and Services, the Independent Contractor Agreement, the Letter of Contract and the Consulting Agreement

Allows a "service order" alternative for work to be contracted on an as needed basis.


Document Description

Standard Purchasing Agreement

(S-2010-6 Revised 08.25.11)

(Click Here for Additional Information)

Replaces Purchasing Agreement for Goods and Services, the Independent Contractor Agreement and the Consulting Agreement

Allows a " Service-Order " alternative for work to be contracted on an as needed basis.

[Note: Consulting services over $25,000 may require permission from Governor’s office and Texas Register publication.Allow minimum of 6 weeks prior to start date.

“Consulting Services” are defined by state law as “the service of studying and/or advising a state agency under a contract that does not involve the traditional relationship of employer-employee".]

Performer Agreement:

(S-1998-08-UHD Revised 03.26.12) 

Used for musicians, singers, clowns, magicians, etc.

Speaker Agreement

(OGC-S-2002-3 Revised 04.13.11)

Used to contract with vendor/contractor for speaking engagements.

Contract for Professional Services

(S-99-23 Revised 09.16.11) 

Used for licensed or certified services, which include accounting, architecture, land surveying, medicine, optometry, professional engineering, real estate, or nursing.  (This contract is used primarily by Facilities Management.)

"Professional Services" are those services directly related to the professional practices such as accounting, architecture, landscape architecture, land surveying, medicine, optometry, professional engineering, real estate appraising, or nursing. Management services provided by accounting firms are not considered professional services by UH System policy.

Facility License Agreement

(S-2005-04 Revised 09.16.11)

Used to contract with vendor/contractor who wants to lease a UHD facility.

Furnishings and Equipment Agreement

(OGC-S-2005-03 Revised 09.16.11)

Used for installation of furnishings and equipment.

Services Agreement

(OGC-S-2006-16 Revised 12.03.13)

Used for services in which UHD will receive payment from the vendor.

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Special Use Contracts (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel) 

Department / Document Description

Facilities Management

Letter of Contract for Facilities Maintenance and Services

(OGC-S-1999-22-UHD Revised 09.16.11)

Used for building repairs and services.  (This contract is generally reserved for use by Facilities Management only and must be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel if the value exceeds $50,000.

Facilities Management

Letter of Contract for Construction

(OGC-S-1999-22-UHD Revised 09.16.11)

Used for construction and rehabilitation.  (This contract is generally reserved for use by Facilities Management only and must be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel if the value exceeds $50,000.

O'Kane Gallery

O'Kane Gallery Loan Agreement

(OGC-S-2006-13-UHD Revised11.15.06) 

Used to govern requirements for loaned art work to be displayed in the O'Kane Gallery.

English Language Institute

Educational Counseling Agreement

(OGC-S-2000-2-UHD Revised 05.29.06) 

Used for referral of international students.

Urban Education

CPDT Affiliation Agreement

(OGC-S-2007-01-UHD Revised 3.04.08)

Used to provide UHD students with teaching experience in local independent school districts for pre-service teaching program.

Sponsosred Programs

Sponsored Project Contractual Agreement:

(S-1999-13-UHD Revised 03.04.08) 

Used for the contracting with individuals or organizations paid from a grant received by UHD. Contact Sandra Garcia ( or (713) 221-8681) for information and availability of funds.

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Supplemental Agreements (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel) 

These are not stand alone contracting documents. They should be attached to contracts that have been fully executed or contracts that require full execution.


Document Description

Standard Contract Addendum

(S-2009-01 Revised 11.14.13)




Used as an Addendum to eligible non-standard/vendor contracts valued at less than $25,000. If certain requirements are met, the Addendum can be attached to the non-standard/vendor contract and both documents can be signed by both parties without requiring review by the Office of General Counsel.

Click Here for Additional Information.

Service-Order for Standard Purchasing Agreement

(S-2010-11 Created 05.26.10)

Used with a fully executed Standard Purchasing Agreement when the contractor will perform work on an as-needed basis. A separate “Service Order” must be signed for each project performed by the contractor.

Standard Amendment:

(OGC-S-2010-08- Revised 11.04.11)

Used to extend the expiration date of a current contract or increase the value of a current contract for up to 25% of the total contract value.  Expired contracts cannot be amended.

Contract Change Order

(S-2004-08 Revised 04.16.10)

Documents and obtains the appropriate signature authority for specific construction related changes to an existing Facilities Management contract.

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Supporting Contract Clauses (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel) 

Document Description

Alternative Dispute Resolution Clause

(OGC-S-1999-24 Revised 09.01.06) 

Certifies Chapter 2260 of the Government Code will be used to resolve disputes related to the contract.

Child Support Certification  

(OGC-S-1999-25 Revised 09.01.06) 

Certifies the contractor is not in arrears in paying child support, or the contractor is in compliance with a written repayment agreement regarding any written debt.

Foreign National Information Addendum

(OGC-S-2006-15-UHD Revised 03.24.08) 

Used in conjunction with theStandard Purchasing Agreement if the contractor is not a United States citizen/national or Permanent Resident Alien.

Generally, an individual is a resident alien if he or she meets either the "green card test" or the "substantial presence test" for the calendar year.  Any person not meeting either test is generally a nonresident alien.  An alien individual who qualifies as a "resident of a treaty country" or a bonafide resident of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands or American Samoa is a nonresident alien individual. [Note:  Even though a nonresident alien individual is married to a U.S. citizen or resident alien for certain purposes, he or she is still treated as a nonresident alien for withholding tax purposes on all income except wages.]

Technology Access Clause 

(OGC-S-1999-26 Revised 09.01.06)  

Required for all contracts involving the acquisition of automated information systems (hardware, software, firmware and related computer components. Certifies the technology meets statutory requirements for accessibility by persons with visual impairments.

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Release and Indemnification Agreements (Approved by UHS Office of General Counsel) 

Releases the University, its governing board, officers, employees and representatives from any and all liability for the injury, death or damage to property that occurs while participating in a University activity or trip.  Also allows emergency medical treatment without cost to the University for the participant as a result of illness during the activity or trip.


Document Description

Release and Indemnification Agreement

(OGC-S-2013-11 Created 02.21.13) 

Have participant or guardian of participant (if less than 18 years of age) sign this form prior to participating in a UHD sponsored activity or trip.


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