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UHD UHD Faculty Senate

Be a part of the UHD Faculty community. Join us at a meeting!
The UHD Faculty Senate meets 2:30-4:00pm every first and third Tuesday during the Fall and Spring Semesters.
Our usual meeting room is A-300.

Contact Your Senators

2014-2015 Senate Roster

  • Henney, Susan - President
  • Pepper, Ryan - President-Elect
  • Hale, Trevor - Secretary


  • Hagen, Kirk (T) AH
  • Baker, Susan (T) AH
  • Wang, Hsiao-Ming (T) CJ
  • Hill, Jillian ENG
  • Jane Creighton (T) ENG
  • Katharine Jager ENG
  • Bose, Utpal (T) FACIS
  • Rowe, Beverly FACIS
  • Penkar, Samuel FACIS
  • Davis, Jonathan MMBA
  • Coy, Steven MMBA
  • Zhou, Steve MMBA
  • Mhoon, Kendra MS
  • Simeonov, Plamen (T) MS
  • Quander, Judith MS
  • Benavides, Maria NS
  • Sadana, Rachna NS
  • Johnson, Ruth (T) SOS
  • Portillo, Mary SOS
  • Rubinson, Claude SOS
  • Stewart, Cindy (T) SOS
  • Pedrana, Angela Lopez (T) UE
  • Pohl, Bernardo UE

2012-13 Senate Roster

  • Preuss, Gene - President
  • Hale,Trevor - President-Elect
  • Allen, Austin - Past President
  • Henney, Susan - Secretary


  • Nowak, William (A&H)
  • Mandell, Paul (A&H) *Executive Committee Representative
  • Vacant (A&H)
  • Ahmad, Janice (CJ)
  • Hrynkiv, Volodymyr (CMS)
  • Shengli, Yuan (CMS)
  • Koshkin, Sergiy (CMS)
  • Schmertz, Johanna (ENG)
  • Duncan, Michael (ENG) * Senate Webmaster
  • Davidson, Robin (ENG)
  • Farris, Sara (ENG) *Executive Committee Representative
  • Tito-Izquierdo, Jorge (ET)
  • Nguyen, Chu (FACIS)
  • Penkar, Samuel (FACIS)
  • Deo, Prakash (FACIS)
  • Epstein, David (MMBA)
  • Khoja, Faiza (MMBA)
  • Wang, Irene (MMBA)
  • Benavides, Maria (NS)
  • Johnson, Jerry (NS) *Executive Committee Representative
  • Johnson, Ruth (SOS)
  • Li, Peter (SOS)
  • Bachman, Christine (SOS)
  • Rubinson, Claude (SOS)
  • Herrera, Jose (UE)
  • Burnett, Christal (UE)
  • Bebee, Ronald (UE)

2011 - 2012 Senate

President: Austin Allen - 713-221-52177

President-Elect: Gene Preuss

-Past-President : Phil Lyons - 713-221-8489

Secretary-Treasurer: Johanna Schmertz - 713-221-8291

Webmaster: Mike Duncan

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