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July 18, 2012
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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The University Staff Council will meet once a month throughout the year, on dates to be determined at least two weeks in advance by its members.

A quorum of at least seven members of the University Staff Council membership must be present to transact any official business. If there is no quorum, those present may determine the appropriate action and submit the results of the discussion at the next regular meeting for ratification.

If there is a time constraint that precludes deterring a decision, the University Staff Council President may obtain necessary approval through an email poll.


“We recognized the Staff Council because SSEM has one of the largest staff divisions at UHD, many of whom benefit from their engagement in Staff Council initiatives. I've seen staff hone their leadership skills and reinvigorate their energy levels based on their involvement with the Staff Council. Well-developed staff can translate into well-supported and developed students." --Dr. Lisa Montgomery, Vice President for Student Success and Enrollment Management


SSEM Best Collaboration Award

This award is presented to the UHD department, division or functional areas that have collaborated successfully with various SSEM units and staff teams to recruit, retain, serve and graduate our students.

A number of SSEM staff helped to identify dozens of collaborative initiatives that nominees for this award either initiated and invited SSEM to participate in or for which they answered the call to serve when we invited them to engage with us.

Here are some of the examples of collaborative initiatives that were submitted for consideration:

1. The CRM Initiative

2. Title III HSI and THECB Grant Submissions For 2012

3. The Get Connected for Student Success Initiative 4.

4. Participation on the SSEM Behavioral Intervention Team

5. Serving on the Enrollment Processes Committee 6.

6. Planning and Implementation of Admissions Standards for 2013

7. Assistance with the SSEM Restructuring Initiative

8. Logistical Assistance w/SSEM Recruitment Events and Open Houses

9. Resolution of Student Customer Service Matters

10. Recruitment Marketing Efforts

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