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Student Health Services

Student Health Insurance: English Language Institute

The International Student and Scholar Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan is endorsed by the
University of Houston-Downtown for Students Enrolled in the English Language Institute


General Information: 

Take the time to read and understand the policy prior to enrollment including exclusions, pre-existing condition clause and coverage limitations.

  • The student must first use the resources of Student Health Services where treatment will be administered or an outside medical referral will be issued.  
  • Be responsible for your healthcare.  Know what to do in the event of a medical emergency or how to obtain urgent healthcare when Student Health Services is closed.      
  • Most fees for Student Health Services are billed directly to the insurance company for students who are enrolled in the Plan.  Payment of co-pays, and non-eligible expenses are due at the time of service.

    Examples of non-eligible services:

    • Routine Pap Smear
    • Routine STD Screening
    • Routine Lab Screening (cholesterol, glucose, etc.)
    • Non-Oral Contraceptives
    • Immunizations

    See plan for a complete list of exclusions

  • Patient information and authorization forms must be on file with Student Health Services for all students enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Program. 

The English Language Institute will provide this paperwork when you enroll in the Plan.


Brochure and Enrollment Information:

Please read brochure prior to enrollment, including eligibility requirements, exclusions and pre-existing condition limitations. 

A copy of this brochure is available from the English Language Institute or you can download a printable version.

Insurance waiver information is available from the English Language Institute.


Premiums   •   Benefits Coverage   •   Claims


Premium Office:
P.O. Box 2478
Spring, TX 77383-2478
(281) 651-8787
Claims Office:
DBA Makin Management Corp.
19609 Wied
Spring, TX 77388
Inside Houston:  (281) 651-8787
Outside Houston:  (800) 285-8133


Prescription Medications:

Prescription coverage is limited to medications available from the Student Health Services Pharmacy (Antibiotics and Oral Contraceptives), In-Hospital medications and Mandated Benefits covered medication.


Medical Emergencies:

Student Health Services is an ambulatory facility and not equipped as an emergency facility.

On-Campus Medical Emergencies:

  • Come to Student Health Services or contact the UH-Downtown Police Department by using a Emergency Call Box or calling 713-221-8911.

Off-Campus Medical Emergencies:

  • Call 9-1-1 or go to a local emergency room.  St. Luke's Hospital is recommended by the Student Health Insurance Plan.
  • Read and understand the plan's provisions for medical emergencies, your responsibilities and required notification procedures.
  • Know the emergency room or urgent care center in your area that is covered under the insurance plan.


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