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General Dictionaries

English and bilingual dictionaries, quotation dictionaries, and specialized subject dictionaries. (Full-text).

Definitions, etymologies, pronunciations, and spellings for half a million words. (Full-text).

Basic information from specialized encyclopedias, dictionaries, and handbooks. (Full-text).

A dictionary with audio word pronunciations, a thesaurus, and an English-Spanish dictionary. (Full-text).

Find words by viewing the images they represent. (Full-text).

No longer available. See EBSCOhost E-Books. (This cross-reference will be removed on 7/21/12).

Search 35,000 synonyms to find various ways to express your intended meaning. (Full-text).

Search 85,000 synonyms. (Full-text).

Specialized Dictionaries

The most comprehensive source of its kind. (Full-text).

A web site with definitions of 475,000 acronyms. (Full-text).

A short glossary of symbols used in editing papers and manuscripts. (Full-text).

An online dictionary of Western signs and ideograms. (Full-text).

Non-English Dictionaries

A guide to free dictionaries and translators. (Web links).

This web site provides a searchable directory to over 6000 freely available online bilingual and multilingual dictionaries and glossaries. (Internet links).

Free bilingual dictionaries, translation, and grammar software. (Full-text).

French, Italian, and Spanish dictionaries. (Full-text).


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