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Journals and Magazines

The Dykes Library offers more than 50,000 journals and magazines. Start with the List of Journals if you know the name of the journal or magazine you want to read. To search large collections of journals and magazines, start with these databases:

Top Choices

A multi-disciplinary database of journals, magazines, book chapters, and government reports. (Some full-text).

Search business journals, trade magazines, company and industry profiles, and market research. (Some full-text).

Journal archives back to 1831. Recent issues (past 3-5 years) not included. (Full-text).
Purchase made possible by a generous donation from the Rockwell Fund.

The most comprehensive index of journals, books, and dissertations in literature. (Some full-text).

A multi-disciplinary index of journal and magazine articles from 1982 to present. (Some full-text).

Start here for psychology research. A comprehensive index of journals, books, and dissertations. (Some full-text).


Other Choices

Search business journals, trade magazines, news, and company profiles. (Some full-text).

Accounting, tax management, and auditing trade publications and journals, plus standards from IFAC. Includes non-US accounting and tax publications. (Some full-text).
Note: U.S. GAAP standards are now available in the Accounting Standards Codification. See Accounting and Tax Web Sites.

Journals, magazines, transactions, and proceedings in computer science. (Full-text).

An index of journals, book chapters, and dissertations in United States and Canadian history. (Some full-text).

An index of journals and magazine in art from 1984 to present. (Some full-text).

A large multidisciplinary database of journals and magazines articles in almost every field of study. (Citations only).

An index of journals and handbooks in communication. (Some full-text).

The name of this database has changed. See ProQuest Criminal Justice.
(This cross reference will be removed 8/3/12).

A comprehensive index of journals, books, and other publications in economics. (Some full-text).

Journals in management, marketing, engineering, and other fields. (Full-text).

An index of journals, books, conference papers, and other education documents. (Some full-text).

Search journals, magazines, and reference books in film and television. (Some full-text).

An Internet search engine for scholarly journals, books, preprints, and theses with links to UHD-purchased content.

An index of journals, books, and other publications in world history from 1450 to present. (Some full-text).

Journals, proceedings, and standards in electrical engineering and computer science. (Full-text).

Journals on computer applications, information technology, knowledge management, and e-commerce. (Full-text).

An index of academic journals and popular magazines on music from 1874 to present. (Some full-text).

An index of scholarly journals in law, the sociology of law, and criminal justice. (Some full-text).

A database of news, legal information, and business information. (Full-text).

An index of journals and books in linguistics, communication, and related fields. (Citations only).

An index of medicine and the biosciences. See our How to Search MEDLINE guide. (Some full-text).

Journals and documents in military sciences and national security. (Some full-text).

Electronic journals in the humanities and the social sciences. (Full-text).

An index of journals and magazines in criminal justice and security. (Some full-text).

Scholarly journals from the American Psychological Association and other publishers in psychology. (Full-text).

An index of news and general-interest magazines from 1890 to 1982. (Citations only).

Journals in communications, criminology, education, health, management, political science, psychology, and sociology. (Full-text).

Journals and books in the sciences, the social sciences, and business. (Some full-text).
UHD Library subscribes to selected full-text content in ScienceDirect.

Journals in biology, biotechnology, chemistry, geology, physics, and materials science. (Some full-text).

An index of journals and books in sociology, social work, and criminology. (Some full-text).

An index of high impact research journals in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. (Citations only).



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