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AutoCAD3D Modeling & Rendering



Who Should Attend

Engineers, designers, drafters and professionals who wish to do 3D drawings for a particular discipline or engineering application by using AutoCAD.


Taken AutoCAD 2D and AutoCAD 2D Advanced training or have a background in using the AutoCAD program.

COURSE includes

Instructor led training and required coruse materials.

Key Topics    

Introduction to 3D

Why Use 3D?

Types of 3D Models

Wireframe Modeling

Solid Modeling

Basic Viewing in 3D

Rotating the View

Adding Thickness to 2D Objects

Setting the Elevation

Using Multiple Viewports

Working with 3D Coordiantes

AutoCAD's 3D Coordinate Systme

Using Object Snaps in 3D

Point Filers

User Coordiante System

Moving the UCS Origin

The UCS View Option

UCS 3 Point Option

Working with Multiple UCSs

Creating Surfaces

Creating Flat 3D Surfaces

3D Surface Primitives

Complext Surfaces

Extruded Surfaces

Revolved Surface

Creating Surfaces from Edges

Creating Ruled Surfaces

Editing 3D Surfaces

Solid Modeling

Creating Boxes and Wedges

Creating Cylinders and Cones

Creating Spheres and Tori

Boolean Operations

Joining Solids

Finding the Common Volume

Interference Checking

Swept Solids

Extruded Solids

Revolved Solids

The UCS Face Option

Editing Solids

Creating 3D Fillets

Creating 3D Chamfers

Slicing aSolid along a Plane

Cross-Sectional views

Uing the SOLIDEDIT command

Extruding and Offsetting Faces

Moving and Rotating Faces

Tapering a Face

Creating a Shell

Removing Faces

Imprinting and Cleaning

Manipulating 3D Objects

Advanced UCS Options

Aligning Objects in 3D

Mirroring Objects in 3D

Rotating Objects in 3D

Arraying Objects in 3D

Getting information about 3D Objects

Working Drawings and 3D Objects

Working with Layouts

2D Views from 3D Solids

Creating Hidden Line Views

Creating Profiles from Solids

Inserting Rendered Images

Dimensioning in Layouts

Presenting the 3D Model

Refining the View

Perspective Views

Working with Camera and Target

Clip Planes

Rendering Concepts

Attaching Materials to the Model

Scenes and Lighting

This course is also available as ONLINE
e-learning course

If your schedule is not allowing you to take the instructor-led classes, then register for the ONLINE e-learning course.

CLICK HERE for additional information.

Length of Training

2 Days (16 hours)


$359.00 (Includes instructor led hands-on training, access to online e-learning course and training materials)

( $329.00 if registered ONE week before the scheduled class date).


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