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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


faqGeneral Questions
Do I need the TOEFL to study in the university?

Yes. You need a TOEFL score of 550 on the written test, 213 on the computer based test, or 80 on the internet based test.  However, if you graduate from the English Language Institute, you do not need any TOEFL score to study at UHD..

Can I take only one session of English instead of two sessions?

Yes.  However, a student on a UHD I-20 must stay 2 sessions before transferring to another U.S. school.  Any student may stay one session and return home.

Can I just apply now and bring my documents when I come?

No.  This is not possible, even if you have an educational consultant who is applying for you.

Must I send original documents?

The application must be online or original. Documents such as bank letters and the affidavit of support can be scanned and emailed. School records must be originals.

Can I send my documents by fax?

No. But you can use a faxed application form to fill out.  Just send it back to us by mail.

How long will I study English?

We have seven levels of English in the Intensive English Program. You will be tested and placed in the appropriate level.  You can finish one level each session (6 levels in a year).

Can you meet me at the airport?

You can easily go from the airport to your housing without help.  However, we work with a private company which arranges airport pick-up (and other services) for a fee. Contact Student Transportation Services for more information:  e-mail

What should I do about housing?

We have a full Host Family program. We can also help you find an apartment locator.  If you cannot find housing, call us for assistance.

Can I get a scholarship now for studying English?

No, not from this university.  The ELI does offer a scholarship, but it is competitive and is only available during certain levels of study.  Other UHD scholarships become available to you after you are enrolled in credit classes.  There are outside organizations that offer scholarships and financial aid to students.  A good place to begin your search is at College

If I am a resident or US citizen, can I get financial aid?

No. Financial aid is not available until you are taking credit courses at the university.

What happens if I have to leave unexpectedly?

A student who has a family emergency may return home for a session or two.  See our refund policy and we also apply tuition to other sessions if you are returning.
If the answer to your question is not here,  Send us an email and it will be answered by an instructor or current student.



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