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Grading System

Grading at UH-Downtown is on a four-point scale:

A Superior 4.0
B Above Average 3.0
C Average 2.0
D Below Average 1.0
F Failing 0.0


The following grades are not included in GPA calculations:

A* Passing
B* Passing
C* Passing
IP In Progress (Developmental Course Only)
S Satisfactory (Passing)
I Incomplete
W Withdrew**
U Unsatisfactory


** A class dropped through the published "Day of Record" will not appear on your transcript; a class dropped after the "Day of Record" and through the published course withdrawal deadline will appear with a grade of "W."

Any grade which you believe to be in error should be appealed, first to the instructor, then to the appropriate department chair, and finally to the appropriate dean. If an appeal is not made within one calendar year after the close of the semester in which the grade was received, the grade will be considered final and no appeal will be heard.

See the catalog on Student e-Services for a detailed explanation of the UHD grading system.




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