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High-Impact Practices Scholarship for USA Powerlifting Team USA


These awards are intended to help our UHD powerlifters, many of whom come from low-income families, defray the costs of international travel when they are selected for USA Powerlifting’s Team USA squads which represent the United States in international competition.  Funds will be available to our Team USA lifters who agree to meet the award requirements.  Lifters earning the award will be required to develop a pre-trip study plan to prepare them for international travel.  The lifters will keep a journal of their experiences, particularly pertaining to culture shock, cross-cultural communication, and their personal development from the experience.  Following the travel experience, lifters will prepare a multi-media/multi-modal presentation on their experiences to share with UHD students.


How is Selection to Team USA Considered a High-Impact Practice?

Diversity/Global Learning – Lifters will have the opportunity to travel to another country or U.S. territory to represent the United States under the auspices of USA Powerlifting.  In addition to the competitive aspect of the trip, lifters will have a great deal of time to meet and develop lasting friendships with lifters from many different countries.  In doing so, lifters will have the opportunity to learn from one another across cultures, including navigating culture shock and negotiating cross-cultural communication, all while sharing the common passion for their sport.  While the international travel experience for Team USA lifters is brief—typically one week—even such brief travel experience offers abundant opportunities to learn outside of formal learning programs through interpersonal relationships, particularly when such opportunities are supported by opportunities for reflective writing (Coryell 10).

Learning Communities – UHD lifters selected for Team USA will be participating in experiential learning within the context of a de facto learning community made up of their fellow Team USA teammates, in addition to the even larger learning community of international teen and junior lifters coming together for a international competition.  Over time, UHD will have a growing cohort of UHD Powerlifting members who, sharing the common bond of Team USA experience, will form a continuing learning community here at UHD who can exponentially increase the “value” of their international Team USA experience through ongoing participation in “an environment where learners are brought together to share information, to learn from each other, and to create new knowledge” (Kemp 63).

Coryell, Joellen.  “The Foreign City as Classroom: Adult Learning in Study Abroad.” Adult Learning.  22.3. 2011. 4-11. Web.
Kemp, Linzi.  “Teaching & Learning for International Students in a ‘Learning Community’: Creating, Sharing and Building Knowledge.”  Insight: A Journal of Scholarly Teaching.  Vol 5.  2010.  63-74.  Web.



Lifters will keep a written or blogged journal of their experiences and observations during the trip, which—when combined with their pre-travel reading (developed in consultation with Dr. Hudson)—will inform their development of a post-travel multi-media/multi-modal presentation on their experience.  Presentations will be developed with potential UHD Team USA members and potential UHD study-abroad participants as their audience and will be presented at multiple events following their return and in conjunction with similar presentations by UHD study abroad students.  Presentations will offer highlights of the trip, but focus primarily on issues of culture shock, cross-cultural communication, and (ongoing) personal development as a result of the experience. 


  • Be enrolled as a full-time UHD student in the Fall or Spring semester preceding the award, as well as during the semester of the meet if the meet takes place during a Fall or Spring semester (Spring 2014, Fall 2014, Spring 2015 are eligible semesters)

  • Must be a degree-seeking student at UHD

  • Must graduate AFTER May 2015

  • Must return to UHD for the 2014-2015 school year

  • Must have been selected for a USAPL Team USA squad

  • Must be a member in good standing of UHD Powerlifting

  • Be in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing at UHD

  • Be currently enrolled full time if the meet occurs during the fall or spring semesters.

  • Currently have a minimum GPA: 2.75 for undergraduates/ 3.00 for graduates 


SUBMIT the following to UHD Powerlifting Head Coach, Dr. John Hudson in Student Affairs:

  • “High-Impact Practices Scholarship for USA Powerlifting Team USA Selection” (page 3)

  • 500-word essay (page 3)

  • A copy of your transcript (unofficial transcript will be acceptable)


NOTE: Hand-written essays will NOT be accepted. 
Applications must be submitted in-person to Coach Hudson within 30 days of notification of Team USA selection and prior to travel.

High-Impact Practices Scholarship for USA Powerlifting Team USA Selection Application




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