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UHD Powerlifting is open to any UHD student who agrees to abide by the UHD Powerlifting membership requirements. The membership requirements of UHD Powerlifting are non-negotiable. Violation of membership requirements for which consequences are not explicitly enumerated will result in disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the team.

Members of UHD Powerlifting have responsibilities to themselves, their teammates, their coach, the Sports & Fitness Department, and the University of Houston-Downtown. Therefore, the following are required of all members:

I. General Requirements

  1. Grade Point Average:
    • a) Student members must maintain a Grade Point Average of 2.75 or better to be on the traveling team.
    • b) Members must have a Grade Point Average of 2.5 to be eligible for home meets.
    • c) Members whose Grade Point Average falls below the minimum will remain members of the team provided they make steady and consistent progress each semester in improving their Grade Point Average.
    • d) Members whose Grade Point Average falls below the minimum and who fail to make steady and consistent progress each semester in improving their Grade Point Average will be dismissed from the team.
    • e) Members who are below the minimum Grade Point Average requirement must pay their own travel, lodging, and entry fees for competitions.
  2. Training Attendance:
    • a) Members must participate in three scheduled training sessions per week, one for bench press, one for deadlift, and one for squat.
    • b) Members who, for reasons of disability or extenuating circumstances, cannot meet this requirement MUST make special arrangements with the Head Coach.
    • c) Members who must miss a training session which they usually attend must inform the Head Coach in advance (or as soon as possible in case of emergency).
    • d) Six unexcused and/or unexplained absences from training during one semester will result in dismissal from the team.
    • e) Summer will be treated as a distinct semester for the purposes of training attendance.
  3. Designated Team Competitions:
    • a) Members will compete in designated team competitions, barring injury, illness, or extenuating circumstances.
    • b) Designated team competitions are scheduled far in advance. It shall be the responsibility of each member to be sure that team travel does not conflict with academic requirements.
      • i. In the case of conflict, it shall be the responsibility of each member to request and make, where possible, special arrangements with faculty members well in advance of the designated team competition. The Head Coach can assist in this.
      • ii. Unwillingness to approach faculty members about such conflicts due to shyness or discomfort with doing so is not an excuse for not making every effort to make such arrangements.
      • iii. UHD Powerlifting puts academics first, but recognizes that there can be flexibility when the team needs to travel to a designated team event.
  4. Vacation/Summer Training:
    • a) Members must make arrangements to train during all vacation periods and summer sessions.
    • b) Members who are unable to train at UHD during vacations and/or summer sessions must keep the Head Coach informed of their training plans and progress.
    • c) UHD Powerlifting trains year around. Champions don't take vacations.
  5. Members must be give 100% effort to the team at all times. UHD Powerlifting will accept no less.
  6. Members will follow the training plan developed by the Head Coach. Any deviations from the training plan of the Head Coach must be approved by the Head Coach.
  7. Members will communicate with the Head Coach respectfully and civilly at all times, whether orally or in writing (including text messaging and email). Rudeness, insolence, and insubordination will not be tolerated at any time or under any circumstances.
  8. Members shall not at any time post on any online format or forum information which may be considered derogatory of or detrimental to any team member, coach, or to the team itself. The Head Coach's judgment shall be final as to the nature of any such postings in question.
  9. Members will not independently enter any non-designated team competition without informing the Head Coach.
  10. Fundraising Activities:
    • a) Members will participate in any and all fundraising activities. Discomfort with asking others for donations shall not be an excuse for nonparticipation.
    • b) Personally paying projected individual expenses for a team event on the part of a member shall NOT be considered to be participation in fundraising. Such a member has done nothing more than pay his or her own way. By participating in fundraising activities, he or she has the opportunity to help cover the expenses of the team in general or of other team members in addition to covering his or her own expenses.
  11. Team Captains have earned the respect and trust of the Head Coach. Team Captains will thus be treated with the respect due their position on the team.
  12. Members shall not use banned performance-enhancing substances at any time. Our banned performance-enhancing substance list shall be that of the USAPL.
  13. Members will arrive on time for all team events of any kind. Tardiness will not be tolerated.
  14. Members will make every effort to participate in team recruiting and community service projects.
  15. In matters related to the team, members will obey the instructions and directives of the Head Coach to the letter and without exception.
  16. Team members will not engage in public displays of affection (PDA's) with boyfriends, girlfriends, significant others, etc., while representing UHD Powerlifting in training, while traveling to and from official team events, or at official team events. PDA's can be a distraction to team members as well as to gym patrons, competitors, spectators, etc. Such distractions can become disruptive to the training and performance of others, and may create an uncomfortable atmosphere for some. In addition, such behavior can reflect very poorly on our team and our university. PDA's are thus inappropriate and unacceptable during team events, including during training.
  17. Members will be truthful and honest with the Head Coach at all times, particularly in matters involving academic performance and class attendance.

II. Conduct During Training Sessions

  1. Members of UHD Powerlifting will conduct themselves respectfully and with good sportsmanship at all times during training sessions. UHD Powerlifting members shall set the example for good conduct in the Student Life Center (SLC).
  2. Members will keep safety first and foremost in mind during training sessions. To this end:
    • a) Members will not wear clothing that is excessively loose while training;
    • b) Members will not chew gum or toothpicks while training;
    • c) Members will not use or carry cell phones for talking or texting while training (phones may be carried if an urgent call is expected);
    • d) Members will not wear headphones while performing major lifts or when the facility is crowded;
    • e) When a teammate is doing a set, members who are not directly spotting will focus supportive attention on their teammate's efforts--there will be no idle conversation, loud talking, joking, flirting, or the like while a teammate is doing a set;
    • f) Members will ALWAYS secure plates to bars with clips or collars no matter how light the weight, and members who are between sets will double-check teammates' bars to be sure that they are using clips or collars, as well;
    • g) Members will cooperate with SLC staff members at all times and obey their instructions; and,
    • h) Members will obey the instructions of the Head Coach, assistant coaches, and team captains at all times.
  3. Members who have been placed on a written training program will bring a copy of their program to every training session.
  4. Members will write down their training sessions in detail.
  5. Members will remain at training stations with teammates during workouts; there will be no wandering off during training when teammates need help.
  6. Members will check in with the Head Coach at the end of their workouts before departing the facility.
  7. Members will keep their training areas clean. This includes:
    • a) re-racking all plates in their proper places;
    • b) cleaning up all chalk or powder; and,
    • c) putting away any special team equipment, such as boards
  8. Members will sign a contract indicating their agreement with and intent to follow all UHD Powerlifting membership requirements including, but not limited to, the rules listed herein.

III. Conduct at Competitions

  1. Members at competitions, and traveling to and from competitions, whether competing or not, are ambassadors of UHD Powerlifitng, UHD Sports & Fitness, and the University of Houston-Downtown and shall conduct themselves in a manner that honors their team and their university. You will be the only direct connection most people will every have with the University of Houston-Downtown. Therefore, make sure that you make an impeccable impression.
  2. Members will not carry firearms, illegal substances, or alcohol on their persons or among their possessions when traveling to or from official team competitions.
  3. Members will strictly obey all alcohol laws while on official team trips.
  4. Members will take special care to avoid damaging rooms or making excessive noise while staying at hotels on official team trips.
  5. Members will be courteous and respectful toward, and cooperative with, all meet officials and meet workers. This includes:
    • a) addressing meet officials by "Sir" or "Ma'am";
    • b) shaking the hands of all three judges after third and fourth attempts; and,
    • c) thanking spotter/loaders for their efforts after third and fourth attempts.
  6. Members will be courteous and respectful toward, and supportive of, other competitors. Incidents of taunting—verbally, physically (by body language), or any combination thereof—will NOT be tolerated under ANY circumstances and will result in the offending member's immediate removal from UHD Powerlifting.
  7. Members will be courteous and respectful toward spectators.
  8. Members are allowed to politely ask judges why a lift was turned down after receiving two or more red lights unless we are competing in a federation that doesn't allow communication between lifters and judges. Incidents of arguing with judges will NOT be tolerated under ANY circumstances. UHD Powerlifting coaching staff members will handle any disputes concerning rules, while lifters will leave the platform and prepare for their next attempt.
  9. Members will not use profanity or foul language on the lifting platform.
  10. Members who have completed their attempts will remain in the competition venue to help and support their teammates.
  11. Members will be present for the entire trophy presentation.
  12. Members will obey the instructions of the Head Coach, assistant coaches, and team captains at all times.

    If you would like more information about these requirements or about UHD Powerlifting,

    contact Coach Hudson.



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