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Tuition and Mandatory Fees

With the lowest tuition of any university in Houston, UHD provides an excellent education at an affordable rate, freeing up your income while in school, and leaving you with less debt after graduation. Our goal is to make the financial part of education as stress-free as possible so you can focus on earning your degree.​

The amounts shown in this section are provided to better assist students in assessing the cost of enrolling at the University of Houston-Downtown. While this information is intended to be comprehensive, tuition and fees are subject to change without notice by action of the Texas Legislature and/or the Board of Regents of the University of Houston System. Students are responsible for any additional amounts due to UHD, including changes to any fees and waivers, resulting from audits and corrections, such as registration assessment errors, or schedule changes resulting in additional charges. 

Undergraduate Tuition and Mandatory Fees
The Fall 2022 undergraduate tuition rate for Texas resident students is $245.75 per semester credit hour and for nonresident students the rate is $653.75 per semester credit hour.

Graduate Tuition and Mandatory Fees
​The Fall 2022 graduate tuition rate for Texas resident students is $413.50 per semester credit hour and for nonresident students the rate is $771.50​ per semester credit hour.

Mandatory fees also vary according to the number of semester credit hours a student is taking.​

In addition to nonresident tuition and fees, international students also pay an international student service fee of $45 per long semester. Student health insurance is also required for each semester. Students purchasing health insurance in the spring semester are covered through the summer and need not purchase the insurance again for any summer semester. Students attending summer sessions, but who did not attend or pay for health insurance in the spring semester, must purchase health insurance for the summer.​

If you have any questions about tuition and fees contact us at​.

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