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Success Stories: Andre de Korvin

Andre de Korvin

At UHD, Professor of Computer and Mathematical Sciences Andre de Korvin balances teaching and researching subjects like finite mathematics and fuzzy logic with writing poetry books.

"Poetry is more than a hobby for me. It is a passion," de Korvin said. "My writing is about social political problems, including immigration, poverty, hunger and other issues many people are concerned with."

De Korvin said he writes poetry whenever he gets to take a break from his other passion, teaching and researching fuzzy logic.

"My favorite area is fuzzy logic because people use it all the time without really knowing it," de Korvin said. "It assigns grades or values to deal with reasoning that is approximate rather than accurate."

Fuzzy logic allows researchers to assign values to certain adjectives that can't be classically defined, like rich, poor or experienced, and input that data into computer models. One of de Korvin's specialty areas involves using fuzzy classifications in face recognition software.

"By studying photographs of certain facial expressions, like sadness or happiness, one can see the pixel configurations of that expression," de Korvin said. "These configurations can be compared in other facial photographs and patterns of likeness emerge."

In addition to writing poetry, conducting research and teaching, De Korvin has also found time to serve as the co-editor for the journal "Managerial Finance" and author more than 200 publications.

"Being so busy can be hard work, but working with such great colleagues makes it much easier," de Korvin said. "I enjoy seeing student get excited about mathematics and I enjoy working with my UHD colleagues. We are from all over the world, yet we get along and I truly like that."

Excerpt from de Korvin's "The Sentence"

The times were against you,
the times and all these books
telling those who didn't fit
what they should do.

You searched for words, feeling
words somehow had the power to save you
and fog shrouded your stanzas,
the abyss of blank pages showing through black ink.

There were more people on earth
than in the whole history of man.
Phones whispered in your ear to reach out
and touch, to listen so you could hear a pin drop.


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