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Success Stories: Ashley Tehranchi

Alumna Publishes in Prestigious Scientific Journals

Ashley Tehranchi Ashley Tehranchi always knew she wanted to pursue science. Earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in biology from UHD in 2006, she now has impressive credentials under her belt: She is the first-author on a scientific paper published in the critically-acclaimed science journal "Cell," and has published two papers on genetics.

Her UHD professors are quite proud, stating that "Cell" is the "platinum standard for aspiring and ambitious scientists," and are equally proud of her acceptance into Stanford University's graduate program in biology, which she will begin in fall 2011. She credits UHD with giving her a solid foundation in science.

"At UHD, you have the capability to learn more. The smaller classes allow you to work closely with your professors. You can't do this at a large school," she said.

Upon graduation in 2006, Tehranchi asked her professor for advice on how to obtain a lab technician position. Profesor Akif Uzman, UHD natural sciences chair, directed her to a contact he knew at Baylor College of Medicine, Jade Wang, who hired Ashley and began mentoring her in a position that has proven beneficial for everyone.

Tehranchi is also fascinated with her primary medium, bacteria. "I like bacteria—it's a unique organism—the most basic." She explains that they are easy to manipulate because they are fast growing. "You can learn a lot quickly. By the end of the day you can have an experiment done and figure something out." The simplicity of the organism is surprising, and they conform to Tehranchi's work schedule. She says with a grin, "You can stick them in the freezer on Friday, and work on them again on Monday!"


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