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Success Stories: Brian Holtkamp

Brian Holtkamp

Computer Science major and May 2013 graduate Brian Holtkamp wanted a smaller school - a school that would work with his personality and how he functions, an affordable school with the research and academic capabilities that he needed to pursue his goals.

In high school being the academic, hard-working student that typically gets accepted into top universities not only within the state, but the country, Brian wasn't as focused on what school would accept him as much as how much he would accept his school. He wanted a second home- which is exactly what he found at UHD.

Brian has always surrounded himself in an environment to push his limits. In high school he participated in band, was an A+ student, was in the honor society and had even taken college level courses in his senior year. The research, academic and scholarship opportunities at UHD influenced him to decide what was more important in his decision for college.

Did he want a degree he could actually use or one that he would just hang on a wall?

Opting for the more practical route, Brian enrolled in UHD. His parents didn't attend college, but his older brother (a UHD alum who has recently earned his Ph.D.) gave way to the foundation that ultimately led to Brian's path as a Gator.

He says that he would spend at least eight hours a day on campus; not because he needed to, but because he wanted. Brian aimed to surround himself with the academic and social needs required in making a difference in the world and his industry and he has assured himself that UHD provided that for him in his last four years.

Brian sought out scholarships and grants, enrolled as a math and computer science tutor and helped with UHD's Collaborative Learning Community Center (CLCC) to assists his peers in getting more out of their education with one-on-one tutoring.

Via this route Brian was completely self-sufficient throughout school and has officially finished with no debt on his end. Brain says, "[It] feels better knowing my parents didn't have to sacrifice more than they already have for my education and I didn't have to sacrifice as much either."


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