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Success Stories: Joey Poon

Student Hears His Calling in Class

Joey Poon Imagine sitting in a class of over 100 students and having the professor call out your name. That's what happened to UHD student, Joey Poon, and it changed his major, his way of thinking, and most likely his career and life. Professor David Branham recognized something special in Poon and wanted to be sure he got the message loud and clear. In front of all his classmates, he asked if Poon had declared a major and recommended that he consider Political Science. "That got me thinking," Poon said. "Maybe this is what I want to do."

Poon began considering the Poli Sci major and a career in the legal profession. After much thought, he now has his vision for the future. His confidence in pursuing law school was set after taking Legal Writing. "I was doubting myself before this class, but that class was amazing!" It secured his confidence and his knowledge that he was indeed pursuing the right path. He credits the class in helping him prep for the LSAT.

After graduating in December 2012 with a B.A. in Political Science, he will be applying for law school. He sees his involvement in government legislation as a strong possibility. "In our classes we look at the political system and I see so many inefficiencies. I want to change that."


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