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Success Stories: LaKeia Spady

LaKeia Spady

Social work junior LaKeia Spady says it takes a certain "type" to be successful in her area of study. Social work sometimes isn't the most profitable field, but that's not what she's looking for after graduation. LaKeia wants to make a difference in her community and she's making her strides in the heart of downtown Houston.

Graduating high school in Tennessee, where her military father was stationed, Spady made her way to Texas for higher education. After exploring the options, she said UHD was "the best fit" for her aspirations in social work. Experience in various part time and volunteer positions around the community showed Spady the "full spectrum" of what it is like to be seriously dedicated to bettering her social environment. Following a May 2014 graduation, she plans on sharpening her social work skills even further by pursuing an advanced degree in a top graduate program.

But Spady credits her growing knowledge of social work largely to the faculty of UHD as well as the intimate learning environment she experienced on campus. Her "amazing" and often times "non-conventional" professors help students get a real grasp of what it takes to make a difference in their aspiring profession.

"They open your eyes to what social work really is," she says. Spady even insists that "sitting in on one social work class can change your life."

That's a large claim for an hour-long class period, but Spady is certain the diverse and knowledgeable faculty can live up to the challenge.


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