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Success Stories: Roberto Trevino

Roberto Trevino

To Roberto Trevino, empowering students and improving their self-efficacy are vital parts of being a successful teacher.

As an economics lecturer in the College of Business, Trevino embraces the challenge of teaching UHD's diverse student body and strives to provide his students with the tools they need to be successful in life and in school.

"It can be challenging at times to teach such a wide range of students with different ability levels," he said. "But when I can meet that challenge and succeed - that's an awesome feeling. My philosophy on teaching is to empower students and show them how capable they really are."

Trevino believes that gaining self-confidence has a snowball effect. When students begin to think more positively about themselves and their abilities, it can change other areas of their lives, including jobs, relationships and more.

Because of his dedication to students, Trevino recently was nominated for the Outstanding Lecturer Award at UHD.

"Being a finalist for this award is very thrilling," he said. "I'm appreciative of the recognition and it has given me added motivation to continue working diligently with my students."

Before coming to UHD in 2002, Trevino conducted research in health services. He received funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse to study HIV risk behavior models and examine why the HIV epidemic varied across cities. It was discovered that risk behavior follows market behavior, which led to the creation of a market structure for HIV and drug abuse.

Trevino continues to conduct research and write papers, though now he researches the supply side of substance abuse treatment facilities, their finances and services, and their equity versus their efficiency.

"This research isn't just pure economics," he said. "I had to learn a great deal about neuro- and social psychology, which is fascinating."

But Trevino will always be an economist at heart. He found his passion for the discipline as a youth in Mexico and never wavered from that path.

"I love economics," he said. "It has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible."


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