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Talent Search Program at UHD

Feburary 20, 2010

Texas A&M University (Aggieland Day)

10th - 11th Grade

Feburary 27, 2010

TRiO Day Activity

6th - 12th Grade

March 6, 2010

University of Texas-Austin (Explore Day)

10th - 11th Grade

March 17, 2010

McNeese Univ./Univ. of Louisiana-Lafayette/Louisiana State Univ.

10th - 11th Grade

April 10, 2010

Last Minute College Prep Day

11th - 12th Grade

-Date Pending-

Shadow Program/Peer Mentoring (Hoffman to Eisenhower 9th Grade School)

8th Grade
June 8, 11, 15, 2010 Summer Enrichment Program 6th - 8th Grade

June 17, 2010

S.E.P. - Moody Gardens - Galveston, TX. 6th - 8th Grade




Educational Talent Search Program
University of Houston - Downtown
Houston, TX 77002
One Main Street #445S
(713) 221-8992

Trio Program Organization


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