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The following page is a blank template with a header that contains a quicklinks jump menu and the search UHD function. Page sections are identified with headers. The footer contains all required links, contact and emergency information.

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Academic Computing Lab (S800)
(713) 221-8540 (x8540)

Technology Teaching and Learning Center (A700)
(713) 221-2786 (x2786)

All hours are in central time zone
Office Hours:
M-F: 7:30am-6pm

Extended Support:

SAT: 8am-5pm
SUN: 2pm-10pm

Known Blackboard Issues

Last Updated: 05/28/08

Tool/Functional Area
Issue Description
Impacted Users
Current Status
Media Library Audio files played from Media Library fail with the following error: "Requested File Not Found". Users running MS Internet Explorer and Real Audio - Real Player Targeted for Future Release
WebDAV Cannot use WebDav in FireFox All Users Targeted for Future Release  
Content Manager/Browser Content Map Tool Clips Beginning of Link Name on Long Names All users Targeted for Future Release A workaround is to turn off the course content map or not to use long names.
User Management Spaces after value in search field not allowed in search Course Administrators, Administrators, Help Desk Targeted for Future Release  
Assignment Once an assignments are created, the settings for it cannot be changed. ie change a group-based assignment into an individual one; an alphanumeric scored one to a numeric. Faculty Possible Future Release  
Assessments True/False question cannot be modified to give credit for either answer after assessment has begun or completed Faculty/Students Suggested for future fix  
Who’s Online Java App continues to run even after browser times out All Users Possible Future Release  
Grade Book Roster Roster sorted by last name and then by first name; User clicks on the action links to enter grades by column and clicks on the edit “values link” and now the names fields are switched to first name and then last name All Instructors Suggested for future fix  
Grade Book Grade book customization view does not stay the same after user logs out All Instructors Suggested for future fix  
Announcements Once announcements are published, they cannot be edited by author All Instructors Suggested for future fix  
Course List Disappearing While using Microsoft Internet Explorer, versions 6 and 7, the course list in the "Course List" channel sometimes does not display all the courses. All Suggested for future fix Possible workaround suggestions: scroll up or down past screen or log out and then log back in.
Mail Forwarding If the sender has Mail Forwarding turned on, the recipient of the message will have the message forwarded to their forwarding address even if the recipient does not have Mail Forwarding turned on All Suggested for future fix
Faculty Must wait One Full Hour after Combining Sections before Adding Content in the Course When you combine Blackboard Vista sections into a single course shell through Manage Vista on e-services, you need to wait one full hour before you add content in Vista. The process to combine sections runs on an hourly basis. Content entered before the combined course shell has been created in Vista WILL BE LOST. You should also make sure that there is only one link for your combined section in Vista to ensure that the new combined course shell is present. Faculty Suggested for future fix
Problem Assigning March 9 Dates to Assignments and Assessments Faulty daylight savings time adjustments cause all assignments and assessment times to move ahead an hour. All Suggested for future fix Until a fix is available, adjust your March 9 assignments and exams to start one hour earlier. Vista will automatically adjust the time to one hour later.
Office 2007 and Vista compatibility issue

Opening an Office 2007 document in Vista and then clicking a link in Vista while the Office 2007 file is open results in an error.

This error only occurs with Internet Explorer, up to version 7.0.577.6.

All Suggested for future fix Instead of opening the Office 2007 file directly from Vista, you can save the file and still continue using Vista normally. Another option is using the Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer, available at
Opening an attachment using the Save to Folder button Opening an attachment by clicking Save to Folder and then clicking My Computer causes the message to appear "This page not intended for display." All Acknowledged bug, targeted for future release Save the attachment by clicking the filename
Activation Courses that have a start date in the future produce errors when Designer/Instructors use the Student View tab and access Assignments, Calendar, and certain other tools.  Once the start date is met, the Student View tab no longer produces errors. Faculty

Fixed in latest release, not yet implemented

From e-services, instructors have the option to set a start date earlier than the default first day of classes, which would restore Student View functionality.  If the course is not yet ready for students to see, students can be set to Deny Access from the grade book.  Students will then not be able to access the course until the Deny Access setting is removed.
Calendar If an instructor using the Calendar tool goes to a future date and clicks the Add Entry button, the date for the new entry reverts back to the current date.   Acknowledged bug, targeted for future release Change the Start Date to the correct future date.



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